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SUPESTA caters to all who need expert advice in crop protection and safe pesticide use where the knowledge base is lacking for safe handling and application. Our primary focus is Africa and will gladly take clients from elsewhere where our services are needed.

Pesticide Assessment – determination of crop protection needs, if pesticides are needed, and how they are to be used to ensure safety to humans and the environment. 

Training – in crop protection and pesticide use and safety for smallholder farmers, agro-input dealers, extension agents, and all other who are involved in crop protection and the use of pesticides.

Pesticide Information – development of databases that are easy to access and understand.

Alternatives to Pesticide Use – development of crop protection and pest management systems that do not rely solely on pesticide, such as integrated pest management (IPM). 

Gender Mainstreaming – ensure that women receive equal training and capacity building on pesticide use and safety.